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Pest Control/Pigeon's nest on my terrace-possible risk of bird mite infestation in apartment


MC wrote at 2009-07-31 21:46:56
I have been watching pigeons on my bedroom window ledge produce family after family for 3 years. My cats and I were having fun watching the squabs grow up and leave, and the new eggs showing up, time after time. Until...this summer. I have bites all over my body and they itch like crazy. I thought I had bed bugs. I started looking very closely at my window sill and surrounding area. There were hundreds. They were also in my bed, on my dresser, lamps, in my clock. I cleaned the nest area after the last baby flew away, but it is too late. The mites are in my house. I guess that the mites go looking for alternate food when the baby leaves the nest. Now, I am paying for the professionals to come in and spray. I would at least call an exterminator and ask what you should do to protect your house and at the same time, not hurt the babies that are still there. Good luck!

sarah wrote at 2013-07-02 13:23:20
Poor poster, she was given totally false information by someone who has no idea of what bird mites can do. Yes honey you have bird mites, get help right away to eradicate them or they will take over. We are dealing with them right now at our house from having nesting pigeons on our home.

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