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Jim wrote at 2012-12-29 21:58:04
Rex i have had a mite problem for over one year it started off with crawling sensation then steadily got worse i suspected bedbugs! but i have had glue traps down for months with no results then i remembered that we had birds nesting in our Central heating flu at the exterior of the building and the council filled the space but never took any nests away.

what do you think can be causing this problem as these are some type of mite that is very fast moving and can jump? and attack me mostly in bed and i can not seem to catch any i have tried double sided tape etc on the carpets & bed and still can not see anything? This is Totally driving me insane it has taken over my life and My Dr Has me on Anti-Psychotics thinking it's all in my head!! But this is real i have bites all over my body and face

what type of mite could this be and what pesticide is best to treat it? your Experience is much needed thanks in advance  

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