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Tponder wrote at 2008-07-18 13:11:05
The person inquiring about the no-seeums is describing the very thing that I have been dealing with and can't find info. on. I looked up the Midge and this is not what it looks like.  There are no wings or mosquito look to it, it almost looks worm like but also crawls.  Very strange and bites that feel like a needle.  They also leave little blood marks under the skin that do not bleed but itch like crazy.  Didn't know they could jump until yesterday when I saw one jump off my arm.

Erin.z wrote at 2014-05-21 16:21:49
I believe what you're talking about is a thrip. They chase me inside with their incessant biting on a regular basis. I, too, thought they were no-see-ums, but none of the pictures online matched what I was seeing on my skin, as well as the fact that their bites were not leaving any visible marks or welts. It was after a lot of searching that I was directed to thrips as a match.

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