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Pest Control/SE PA--very loud insect in trees at night; not cicadas?


waystone wrote at 2008-09-08 00:08:42
We've got the same mystery sound, and no luck in identifying the thing :D I'll bookmark to come back if we find out!

Mike in Mississauga wrote at 2008-09-16 00:20:09
We live just outside Toronto and have the identical problem in a mature maple tree.  we've the only maple tree in the neighbourhood, and it only started in late August.  I have been up a ladder several times and it stops when you bring out a flashlight, making it almost impossible to see.  As some neighbours are getting miffed, I'd very much like to find a solution.

Mike in Mississauga

zantar5 wrote at 2008-09-28 03:10:35
The insect that you are hearing is commonly referred to as a Katydid. These are fairly common in PA.

Steve wrote at 2013-07-26 20:55:59
I'm dissapointed that the experts could not help. I have been following this sound in my suburban yard now for several nights. I thought I'd found the answer to what this creature could be, but alas, no. You are correct - it is solitary. I usually hear one or two others in the distance. I rember hearing these as a kid, and was told it was a tree frog. So far, I cannot find a frog (or insect for that matter) that matches this sound. What ever it is, they hide well - I can never spot them!

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