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Pest Control/Need help identifying small mounds in lawn


Brad wrote at 2012-11-30 20:46:22
Gregg, I live in Salt Lake City and am noticing this exact feature in my front yard. Were you able to determine whether it was a mole or worm?



Jordan wrote at 2015-09-03 06:19:20
I have the same problem in my lawn in Denver, CO.  From the responses to date, the cause is unclear. What is the cause?  

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Stephen Vantassel


I was a professional animal damage controller. If you are having problems with squirrels, raccoons, beavers, moles, voles, etc. damaging your property, I can help give you information to resolve that damage. I was an assistant editor for Wildlife Control Technology magazine and have published numerous articles as well as two books in this field.


Former assistant editor for Wildlife Control Technology; Master's degree in Hebrew Bible (yes I am licensed minister), Past New England Director for the National Wildlife Control Operator's Association. I have published two books, The Wildlife Removal Handbook (rev. ed) and the Wildlife Damage Inspection Handbook, and numerous articles. Perhaps a highlight was making the cover of Wildlife Control Technology. I have debated a noted animal rights activist in my own state of Massachusetts on radio and TV.

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