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Hi there, I'm writing to you in hope of identifying what type of bug/beetle might be inside of my furniture. It's probably worth mentioning that I recently purchased this piece of furniture from an antique auctioneer in Australia, however I think this piece was made in Egypt. These droppings tend to fall beneath the tv cabinet I have checked on several occasions for holes or traces of bug lines, but no signs. (Please enlarge picture included) they tend to be fairly firm pieces that stick together and tend to fall in piles. I took the sample to a local pest controller and he examined under micro-scope he definitely ruled out termites as he said they looked exactly like a pellet / small peanut under the scope but at the same time couldn't identify what they were. I'm am very concerned as to what to do with furniture as I have enquired into get it fumigated but it's very expensive & may wreck it's painted finished, but on the other hand I'm very worried it may spread into my other antique furniture (lounge & dinning suite etc) if you can by any chance identify or lead me in some type of direction it would be most Appriciated I'm so stressed, have already had this piece in my home for the best part of 8 mths god knows where it may have ventured into.Sorry having trouble uploading images is there an email address you can send me, so I can forward images to that address for your reference?  Kind regards Rene


Drywood termites make the type of pellet you describe, see for information about these termites. I don't post my email address here but posting to AllExperts or another site such as Flickr is a possibility. I'd be glad to take a look at the images.

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