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We have identified droppings on our porch as coming from a chipmunk.  Everyday, we come home to dropings on the 2 steps leading into our home from a covered porch.  We have left  a light on, put moth balls on the stoop and even left fresh herbs in its path, and everyday, the droppings appear.  It's like they are having a party on our steps...there is so much "poop".  Why do they only "go" there and what can we do to discourage and change this disgusting habit?

Hi Dee

If I'm picturing your situation correctly I think you have mis-identified the droppings. Look directly above the area where the droppings are showing up. Is there a gable or a section of rake-board (on the house) above this area? Are any of these droppings stuck to the siding above where the area? It sounds like you're dealing with droppings that are falling out of a bat roost. I say this because 99% of the time I have someone call me with droppings on a deck, steps or anywhere around the perimeter of a house, its bats.

Let me know the answers to those questions. Feel free to post a picture of the area as well if you can take one.

Thank You

Matt Grady

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