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My daughter and I are getting bit at nite.  I've sprayed for bed bugs and bombed for bed bugs.  I put her crib in glue traps.  I bought her a bed bug proof mattress.  I vacuum her carpet and dry her clothes and linens in the dryer on high.  I do most of the same for my bedroom.  I have put boric acid down at the base boards and even diatomaceous silica.  At one point I thought it was spiders but the glue traps are around the halls, doors and beds are empty (except for the occasional ear wig.  Perhaps the spiders are nymphs and I can't see them...).  

Hired a pro, who sprayed the house with something like 565 plus xlo and some other liquid spray.  These actions have all been in vain.  The bites vary from red to red with a white puss center.  The doctor says insect bite, but not what kind.

The other night I purposely woke every hour with a flash lite to inspect the bedroom.  I saw nothing and would you believe, I did not get bitten either.

We have wall to wall carpet that is old and I am thinking about chucking it out and going wood floor.

What could be biting us and how should we approach it?

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With all you have done I doubt very much that insects or mites are involved. In fact very few insects and mites actually bite people (see for a list) but there are many things that mimic bug bites. I think you'd be better off focusing on some of these other causes rather than insects, mites or even spiders. The main cause in my experience is allergies. Food allergies are notorious for causing skin lesions but contact and respiratory allergies can do this as well. The next most common are physical irritants such as fiber-glass insulation. It is unfortunate that your MD labelled these insect bites because I think this was wrong, especially since no specimen was found.

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