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Good Afternoon Dr. DeAngelis...I hope you can help with a problem that is of real concern to me. My friends think I am (?)delusional and the County Extention Agent just shakes his head and says "uh, huh" !. Also, please don't be thrown off-track by every fact - I am not really sure what is relevant to my problem !.
I live on the beaches of Northwest Florida in a condo with a grassy lawn, directly across from the gulf.  My problem began last September - nothing remarkable, except I received a large shipment from California by commercial freight truck about that time.
Pardon the "unpleasantness", but I began noticing what looked like small scabs with no explainable reason. Sometime, they were "fuzzy" or ""wooly" (I nick-named them "traveling scabs"). On closer look with a 10X magnifying glass, they appeared to have small white larva (always dead) in them. They can move more than just on the floor - I have found them on the sofa and am paranoid about finding them in bed - not what I want to sleep with !
From what I can tell, this seems to be the pattern: small leaf-shaped lime green extremely thin  "thing" will appear on a smooth out-of-the-way wall. Oh, they have a pointed end that the somewhat retain throughout their cycle. After a while, they drop off, dry to the scab appearance still with somewhat of a pointed end. I found 4 of these green things hanging under the sofa each on about a 3 inch web (more like a piece of frazzled yarn). I scooped them into a jar, and within 30 minutes, the insect had reshaped the individual webs into a single spherical hollow web.
Bizarre, but true. I have tried bug bombs, sprays, clorox, and they come back. Any ideas  ????


Can you post a photo? If not I can only suggest collecting a few and having them examined under a microscope (use a damp Q-tip and place them in alcohol). If the Extension office is not helping you may have to contact a university/entomology dept. in your state directly. If you can get a good photo I'd be glad to take a look.

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