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My husband and I recently bought a house with an addition to the kitchen area with a skylight.  There are two points of entry for the squirrels.  We were able to patch one area but the second area where the overhang meets the siding the squirrels continue to pry it loose.  I bought a cage to catch the squirrels and were able to catch and release all but one. Now I have a black squirrel that is living in the ceiling above the kitchen.  This morning I awoke to a hole in my ceiling.  We have considered hiring an exterminator but feel they are just going to set traps which we have already done. And we don't want the squirrel to be poisoned in the roof. We want to rid ourselves of the squirrel and make our kitchen squirrel free.  I know everyone laughs at electronic devices but I just recently bought one and a squirrel repellant spray. I am willing to try anything so that I don't live in fear of waking up with a squirrel in my house. Please help!!!  I will take any suggestions to rid us of squirrels for good.  I really don't want to have to continue to patch holes in ceiling.

Everyone should be laughing at the ultrasonic devices because there is no evidence they work on squirrels.

First, never seal off holes on the exterior of one's house unless you are certain the hole is not being used by an animal. Details on how to tell whether it is being used can be found at

Second, not sure why continuing to trap is wrong. I don't agree with your translocation of wildlife (lots of reasons for that see the website above) but perhaps it's legal in your state. HOpefully that will change in the future.

Third, when the infestation is finally gone, secure the hole they were using to enter the building. I suggest filling the hole with an expanding foam and then covering with aluminum flashing.

Patch the hole in the ceiling so the squirrels don't enter the living space.  

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