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We have noticed an increasing number of these bugs in the upstairs of our house.  They are mainly in the bathroom which is tiled ceiling to floor - and I am wondering whether they are attracted to the bright spotlights in there/ the water.  They are generally still/slow moving - and are found on the floor.  Although I have noticed some can fly.  They are now into some of the bedrooms - generally on the floor - although I have seen two or three on our bed!!!  There seem to be  rather a few on the wooden window ledge.
I have not noticed any downstairs - although we recently had the downstairs sprayed for woodworm prior to moving in.
Are these woodworm..?!! Please help - as whilst they are not generally that intrusive - having seen them on our bed it is disturbing my sleep!!!

(I am struggling to attach the image - can I email you directly..?)


These are beetles but not powderpost beetles (woodworm). The images are too small for a species id but they are likely either cigarette beetles or the closely related drugstore beetle (see for a close up picture). If you have dry pet food in this area it could be the source otherwise some type of stored/spilled food. See page cited for other control tips.

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