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I noticed a bed bug last night on my child's blocks in her room (just one). And, my wife noticed one a couple months ago. But I scoured my apartment and couldn't find signs of them in bed creases, outlets, or the corners of the carpets. We never have bites on us, and there is never blood on our sheets, or fecal evidence. I am worried a neighbor has them, and they are finding their way into our apartment. What is the best method to find out if we have them or not if I can't find them (I literally went around the room with tweezers going through the carpet for an hour in each room, and then moved to the beds). I can't afford for this to turn into an all out infestation. I am not even able to afford an exterminator. Is this kind of issue something landlords usually deal with? What should I do to find them, or prevent more? Please help me.


Are you certain that what you found was a bed bug? It would be very unusual to find bed bugs the way you did out in the open. Also, since they don't move far from their hiding places it is very unlikely that they would be coming from your neighbor. Take a look at this page about bed bug and follow the links for pictures and so forth. If you can capture a specimen take it to your county Extension office ( and they will send it to OSU for id. My guess is that this will turn out to be something other than a bed bug. Post a follow up if you have questions.

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