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QUESTION: Hi Matthew,

We live in a wooded townhouse complex in Surrey, BC.
Previously our neighbour below was feeding raccoons/ bird feeders in her back yard.  I noticed 10-12 squirrels in the Spring before Council banned Bird Feeders.

For the past six months have been hearing bangs, taps, and dropping sounds in the attic during the day but worse at night.

Our Strata Management Company hired a Pest Control Company to enclose the openings and place a one-way door on the soffit.

After many visual checks in the attic showing no droppings the problem was classified as mechanical.

Frustrated with conclusion hired AAA Wildlife Control who set-up (4)mouse snap traps.  Three weeks later no rodent was caught and my husband asked company to remove.  Only one trap remains as he didn't want to pay for another service call.

Our Son (Construction# checked for mechanical problems only to find a broken sky light frame in the master bathroom.

This problem started in April and still continues to date.
Any advise on what to do next as Pest Control Companies are not solving the problem?  Would like to ask Strata to resolve but not sure how to proceed.

My sister-in-law suggested road salt #pan) worked in her daughter's office to rid them of squirrels.

Would appreciate any advise you could provide.

Trudy Johnson

ANSWER: Hi Trudy

Assuming the problem is squirrels:
If you still have the problem then there is still an opening somewhere in the roof/roofline/gutters. The opening needs to be found and dealt with accordingly. Until that happens no amount of road salt, mothballs, coyote urine etc is going to solve your problem.

If the noises you're hearing are from mice then I'd give the same advice as above but extend the search for the opening to the foundation, under decks, inside garage, bulkhead etc.

As for determining which critter is creating the noise, these traps here will catch both flying squirrels and mice.

Either way my advice is to figure out exactly which critter is responsible for the noise and contact a reputable/capable wildlife removal company to resolve the problem for you. I know you had a bad experience the first time. I'd suggest trying to locate a company with some general contracting experience. That's a big issue in the industry and its something that a lot of companies lack.

Good luck

Matt Grady

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Matthew for your advise on checks to resolve the rodent issue in the attic. I am requesting further investigation as believe noise issue is a rodent and not mechanical.
However, when several Pest Control and Wildlife companies can't find any droppings and advise Strata no rodents exist hard to dispute.
Do squirrels always leave visible droppings?  Watched a video that indicated only evidence of squirrels might be insulation that was flat.
Is this a true statement?  What type of sounds do squirrels make?
Also, do you know about Pest Evictor Strobe Lights? Cost $170 and customer reviews indicate successful.
As you can tell I am really getting desperate to solve this annoying attic noise problem over six months now.

I'm not familiar with the construction methods in your area so this may seem like a silly question:

Are there power lines (electric) that run from the telephone pole at the street and attach to the siding of your building? (somewhere around the roofline)

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