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Hello Mr. Oswalt, and thank you for volunteering for this service.

My question is about termite control.  I have owned 4 homes.  I am familiar with termite services and clearance letters when buying/selling.  My current home is 9 years old.  I have the termite bait system.  I do not know if there was a chemical barrier put down at the time of construction.  The bait stations will sometimes show activity, then the next time none.  I was under the impression that this was sufficient protection against termite infestation.  (I have seen NO evidence of termites in the house).

The pest control company is suggesting that I buy a chemical barrier treatment ($700).  I understand how it works and why they recommend it.  But my question is, do I need it?  I do want to protect my home, but again, I thought the bait stations kept the termites at bay.

The house is a ranch style, has vinyl siding and is on a slab.  There is NO earth to wood contact at all.  Because of that, I am not convinced that the chemical treatment is necessary.  In my other houses, I did have earth to wood contact, and I had to have the trenching and chem. barrier.  

I realize that if I were going to sell, that a PC company may require the chem barrier in order to provide a clearance letter.  But I have no intention of selling or moving any time soon.  Thus, my question: In my situation, am I adequately protected?

Thanks in advance!

- Mike

Hi Mike,
There are various termiticides available on the market today. Some have been proven to be much more effective and better then others. Some of the products are only rated for 5 years, while others are rated for 7. This means that the manufacturer only guarantees their product for that amount of time, and that the chemical can start to break down after the guaranteed amount of years. After 5 years or 7 years, depending on which product you go with, you will have to pay to have another treatment performed on your home.

BAIT STATIONS: Most of the brands on the market do not have ANY amount of chemical or termiticide in them whatsoever. They literally just have a piece of wood in them. A technician should be coming by your home 4 times a year (1 time for certain brands) to check the stations for any termite activity. If there is activity found in any of the stations, the technician is then supposed to place active chemical into that particular bait station.
Some pest control companies will try their hardest to sell you on the bait stations because they are a money maker. Bait stations are a great way for companies to increase their revenues.
This sales practice of selling a termite baiting system and a few years later trying to sell a barrier is common within some companies.

Regardless of which method or product is selected, it's important to have an experienced technician, backed by a responsible pest control company.
I Believe you should'nt worry Mike

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