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I occasionally find these on the floor in my bathroom. It looks like a small leaf until a little black worm comes out. What is it?? I have attached a photo of ones I caught.

Hi Monica!

I am almost certain that these are Bag-worm moth larvae. Snailcase bagworm or bagworms are 4mm to 7mm in size. They are commonly found in homes in the transition of the warmer to winter months. The caterpillars may attach a wide variety of objects to their silken bags, like leaves, other dead plants, grains of sand, and any other debris they can collect. They feed on lichens, various fungus types, and other insects. The Bagworm term applies to all members of Psychidae family. They are known as the genus species: Dahlica triquetrella.

If you would like to prevent the bagworm pest then go here to see remedies:
Bagworm Control

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