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Hi, I have a problem with what I think are mites in my kitchen.  I'm hoping that you might be able to help me identify the species and might have suggestions on a control strategy.

They're mostly located below a skylight in the kitchen.  I've had some exterminators suggest they are bird mites, but can't locate a nest anywhere.  Another suggested they are living in damp wood.

Here are some general photos of them and a few shots that I was able to get of them under a microscope.

Thanks for helpping!


These are called oribatid mites. They are very common in leaf litter, moss, and even in the soil. They are completely harmless. From your description my guess is they are in moss, leaves or soil around the skylight and are somehow getting inside. If you remove this material the mites should go away. BTW, these mites are very common in homes with thatch roofs (in England for example) which indicates the type of habitat where they are found.

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