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I have noticed these insects coming from my lawn and crawling up the side of the house or going into the pool. Can you please identify the insect and any advice on how to get rid of them?

Thank You.

Hey Shawn!

Thank you for the ID question! This is without any doubt a millipede. Millipedes are harmless an fed on decaying vegetation. They can become a nuisance species in high populations by moving into areas they are unwanted.

The recommended treatment indoors is to remove them, seal all entrances, and spray pesticides. Millipede are accidental indoor intruders and will not survive. If there is a high populations in the home focus pesticide control in that area to guidelines. The best way to pretty entry is to seal all possible entry points that the millipedes are entering in from, and sweep or vacuum up any dead millipedes.

Outdoors: Reducing the possibility of millipede populations from building up in your yard will reduce the population of millipedes from entering your home.

Habitat modification is the key to reducing millipede populations. Since millipedes live in and eat organic matter, trying to remove as much excess organic matter as possible like piles of weeds, leaves, etc.

Always pick fruit or vegetables as soon as they are ripe

A residual insecticide can be applied around the perimeter of your home and on the foundation walls and on window and door sills (outdoors).  


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