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Hello Jack,
I am having problem with these tiny bugs(I don't know it is bug or flea or mite or anything..).They are  
in my  side yard,fence & wall( where the shady parts of the house) . They are also under the grass& weeds. When I was bending my back and pulled the weeds,they were on all over my legs,arms,and neck.If I am walking through that side, they were on my body from toe to head. I know that fleas don't fly.So, they can't be fleas. They are on my body for a while, I started feeling itchy after the red spot appeared ,something like mosquito bite. They are red color with hard body, oval shape.(I should send you photos of them). When I pressed them in my two thumbs, oily stuff came out from the body.I sprayed Cutter, EcoSmart Organic Insecticide, and other bug control.I started noticed them early May of 2013 and they disappeared in August until early Nov.I lived in Corpus Christ, TX since 2007 and this is the first time having problem.I have two medium dogs and they are on their fleas medication.They both played in the back yard everyday and they scratch a lot.Please give me some advice and I do appreciate your time and understanding.Thank you very much.


Yes, post a picture if possible. Your description could fit a number of different things. The only thing that is small, flies and bites like you describe are black flies so you might take a look at this page as well.

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