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I own a restored farmhouse in NC where I have lived for the past 3 years.  the past month I have had hornets crawling around on the floor of my first floor.  i have been stung 3 times already. i have seen them in the house occasionally since I moved in but it was no big deal until recently.  just last night I killed 10 hornets that were under my bed.  this morning before coming to work I killed 4 that were on their backs crawling on the floor.  i am getting really freaked out and don't know what to do.  Do bombs work for hornets or should I call an exterminator?  Do exterminators do hornets? Please help me, I'm scared to even take my shoes off at my house for fear of stepping on one.  That is how I got stung the first time.

Hey Brandi!

No worries for hornet control! I know exactly what you should do! Hornets are very mean insects. They are aerial Vespids or of the wasp & yellow jacket family. They can sting a infinite amount of times. This is a simple control insect and you would be wasting your hard earned money to called a exterminator. Just follow my steps below and go to they also have a call staff. When I help my friends out now that I am retire from pest control I recommend these guys and by from them myself.

I would recommend Wasp Freeze, Wasp X (Wasp & Hornet Spray), and Trappit Wasp Bag trap.

Generally speaking, wasps are much more active during the day than at night. So when trying to get rid of a wasp nest, you are most likely going to have to attack it after the sun has gone down. This gives you an advantage in two ways, for one the insects are less likely to be overly active and will not strike back with as much vigor. Also, the nest is much more likely to contain most of the wasps making it unnecessary to apply the pesticides a second time.

Wasp spray is by far the most common type of wasp and hornet control product used. For a spray to be useful it has to be designed to instantly knock down and kill the insects before they have a chance to realize that their nest is under attack and retaliate by stinging the person doing the application. The best product for this application is ECO PCO Jet, which will provide instant killing power when used against any of the wasp and hornet species commonly found in the U.S.. Wasp repellent can also be used to treat an area where wasps are known to congregate, or where they are trying to make a nest.

When trying to get rid of wasps and hornets, itís necessary to know exactly how their nests are constructed, so that you can apply the spray in the right location. Usually the entrance to the nest is located at the front, although you might need to carefully check and make sure that there aren't any extra areas where the wasps can escape during the spraying.

Itís best to wear several layers of clothing, in an attempt to cover as much exposed skin as possible, both to avoid stings from any wasps that escape as well as to protect from exposure to the pesticide. You also will want to wear eye protection and gloves, to minimize the chance of stings.


Hope this helps Brandi!!
Best of luck
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