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eggs ????
eggs ????  

Hi my name is rita and my room  and house is infestedwith. Little lint aball.  Fuzzies they r especially on our clothes  .  When u rub the lint between your fingers theise little eggs pop out, I'm sending a picture of them on my arm.  I feel the eggs all over my body and even in my mouth.  Please help me get rid of them they are taking over my life. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. They can't  I think they have stages from little look like little peices of paper rolled u p  on the carpet. Then they look like lint balls then they pop into the eggs u see on my arm .  I fear for my helpless two year old daughter who tcrys "mommy. Mommy my mouth".

Hey Rita,

I am so sorry to hear that you are plagued by this creature laying eggs everywhere. My best guess is that this is a mite species or carpet beetle species.

I would recommend you getting a overall pesticide like Onslaught Fastcap insecticide. This will protect you from anything that is there an will be there.

I would call the company at 866-581-7378 which is toll free.
I always call them when I have issues.

They will direct you to the correct product you need. I always ask for Jill, William, or Amber. They are always spot on! I trust them. Just act fast before this gets any worse.

Please give them a call and they are the best and are up to date on the best products for your dollar. They will get you the product fast, and free shipping.


Hope this helps
My thanks,
The bug guy

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