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Mr. Serdes,

Thank you so much for your time.  I have been battling german cockroaches for about 2 months.   I am at my wits end.  I have put out baits, boric acid, and cleaned my kitchen thoroughly.  I am very hesitant though to call pest control.  I am very worried about my children being around dangerous chemicals.  Do you have any product recommendations?  I suspect that these roaches can in our home from a condemned home down the road from ours that was treated.  I am thinking about ripping out my cabinets to see if they live behind them (they are mostly spotted around kitchen cabinets).  Is that necessary?  Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated.  Thank you so much!

Dear Jill,

German cockroaches are extremely difficult to eradicate. The best thing I ever did was to use gel baits against them. I also constantly monitored my customers - to be sure I had them all eliminated.

Baiting is the best way to approach the problem, if you use sprays, you'll only get frustrated, and fail to get rid of the females - which is the key to getting rid of the problem.

Also Jill, german cockroaches are one of the leading causes of asthma in small children. So - if you can afford the on going services of a pest control company - here's what I recommend.

Call 3 or 4 companies and have them come out to do a "free inspection". When you telephone them to arrange the inspection, make sure they understand that you will only allow baiting to be used in your home.

Choose the one you like the best and have them do the initial baiting for you. Keep your home, especially any areas where food is eaten, spotless! It is very important that the roaches eat the bait - and they will if there is no other food to compete with the bait.

If for some reason you can't afford the company's ongoing services - then watch (and if necessary) document ALL the locations where the original baits were placed. Then, cut off their service by telling them you can't afford it - and on a monthly basis thereafter - buy your own GEL baits and placed fresh bait in all the exact same locations they initially baited.

Jill, you must be patient, it takes several weeks - and in some cases, months of continuous treatment to eradicate these little, nasty critters. But with patience and effort, you WILL win!

Hope this helps,


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