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What can be done to stop the arrival of more small (about the size of a flax seed, but a bit rounder and lighter brown than that) hard bodied brown bugs that must be coming from the cracks in the walls? They are attracted to paper towels, and crawl into the curls of it on the roll; they are also found on pages of cookbooks. Don't know what they eat. Don't eat paper, not in any food items. Just keep coming from somewhere. Noticeably less after I caulked cracks along the cupboard walls/shelves, but have now returned. Please Help!!!

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I'd need to see a picture to be certain but these might be one of several species of dermestid beetles that infest stored food. See for pictures of one of the species. Also, see that page for control options. These beetles sometimes infest seeds that are stored in walls by rodents. If you can get a photo I'd be glad to take a look.

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