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My daughter and I have been having crawling bugs on us that we can't see. This started after we brought an outside cat in the house. I frontlined the cat 2 weeks before we brought her in. We then had her spayed and de-clawed. We noticed stuff crawling on us- so I assumed it was fleas and got spray from the vet to spray the house. That didn't do anything. I took her back and she said she had ear mites. So she used revolution on her. We went to the medical Dr. and we all got treated for bugs with Permethrin 5% which did nothing. What ever we have- it has been almost impossible to catch one. It is all over the house. I vacuum daily. I use borax, Windex, bounce fabric sheets as deterrents. These do seem to help. I need help on catching one so we can positively ID. The cat was removed from our home. I really need guidance on what to do. I have researched's so hard to know what is reputable.


There are very few insects and mites that bite people but many things that can mimic bug bites, see for a list. My guess is that you are experiencing one of the things that mimic bug bites such as allergies and physical irritants. Since these sensations began with the new cat I'd suspect an allergy to cat dander but there are many other possibilities. You may want to focus less on finding an insect or mite and more on these other causes. Sorry I can't be more specific.

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