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Pest Control/Drywood termite infestation Naples, Fl


I have extensive drywood termites in a five yr old kitchen in a condo in Naples.  Today all wood is being removed for disposal.  My question is whether the appliances ( dishwasher, subzero fridge, oven) should also be disposed.  Could drywood termites hide in metal fixtures , nooks, crannies of appliances?  Would they then attack the new installation in coming weeks?    Thank you.


Like other social insects (ants, social wasps, termites) drywood termites need an intact colony structure to survive. Once you disrupt the colony it will be killed so I don't think the appliances are an issue. However, where drywood colonies are found the issue is always whether or not all the colonies/damage has been uncovered. The options are to fumigate the entire structure (see or spot treat the areas around the known infestation (see for control info). Post a follow up if you have questions.

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