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Unknown Pellets
Unknown Pellets  

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Possible Entry Point  
Hello Jack,

I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I have noticed a pile of small (approx. 2mm diameter), light brown pellets in the window of my door. They are located in the space between the outer and inner window panels. There is a large pile in the bottom corner of this space (Image 1). Also, this space has a rubber seal running around its perimeter, however, there is a point along one of the sides where the rubber appears to have separated from the outer window leaving a gap. More of the pellets are visible through this gap (Image 2).

Due to the volume, I initially believed they were not eggs but instead some form of insect excretions. However, their almost perfectly spherical shape and smooth surface do not seem typical of termite pellets.

Thank you for your help in identifying the source of these pellets.


I think you are right that these are not drywood termite pellets nor are they eggs (too big). My guess is these are insulation beads that were inside the door. It is possible that there are carpenter ants inside the door that are excavating tunnels and pushing this material out. See for general info about these ants. You might be able to hear this activity by using a drinking glass to listen. If carpenter ants are the issue then you'll want to treat the whole house (see pages cited above) rather than just the door.

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