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Can you please identify the bug in these photos?
It was found on a cream-colored chair near a window in our bedroom. We live in south-eastern Kansas, and we're trying to determine if my wife's allergic reactions (daily itching/welts, if OTC allergy medicine is not taken) could be due to this, or if it's just a coincidence and something else causing the reaction. We do not believe this allergic reaction is due to bedbugs. We are wondering if the bug in these photos is a mite of some kind, possibly bird or rodent related. To the naked eye, this bug is smaller than a period (.). Thanks for any help you can provide!


Some characteristics in this photo resemble mites but not the bird/rodent/nest mites (see for a picture). Instead it looks like a group called oribatids. These mites live in the soil where they feed on fungi and bacteria. They do not bite people. This specimen appears to be dehydrated so it might appear different when alive. If you see more of these mites you can collect a few in alcohol (use a damp cotton swab) and take the sample to your county Extension office ( for id at KSU.

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