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Pest Control/Dark brown beetle infestation in our home


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I am live in a 3 story townhouse and two weeks ago I started noticing dead beetles accumulating on the window sills.  To get a better idea where the beetles were coming from, I placed Victor Glue traps (lamp over a glue pad made for fleas) on each floor since they appear to like the light.  The largest concentration is in the bedroom on the 3rd floor with ~12 beetles appearing each night, while the 1st and 2nd floors would only see 3 to 4 beetles each.  

At first I tried to treat the beetles myself by applying Ortho Home Defense perimeter spray on the bedroom baseboard, but it did not result decreasing the beetles appearing in the glue traps.

Secondly I contacted the local exterminator and he was unable to determine the type of beetle and could not locate the source of the infestation.  I asked him about treatment and he did not think a spray would be effective, as the beetles would just continue to hatch.

Beetle Info:
-Very Small, perhaps 2 mm to 3 mm.
-Dark in color, a uniform dark brown across the entire body
-Like to fly, have seen them even attached to the ceiling upside down
-Shell is not too hard, easy to kill with a finger.
-Pictures attached, but difficult to capture as the beetles are so small

Do you know what kind of beetle I am dealing with, are they harmful?
Should I contact a second exterminator for another opinion?

Thank you for reviewing my situation.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


The images are too fuzzy to be certain but the shape from the side view looks like a drugstore beetle or cigarette beetle, see Also, see that page for control options. There's no need for an exterminator in this case.

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