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QUESTION: Mr. Serdes,
I purchased my home in Pensacola FL in Aug of 2004. The slab was treated and a Termite Bond was in place at the time of purchase. I have faithly renewed and had it inspected every year since my purchase. For some reason, this same company did not contact me as usual via the mail or by a phone call which has been the process every year until now. I reached out to them and was informed that not only do I need an inspection ($180.00) to renew the bond, but that I also need a "refresher" treatment in the amount of $1000.00. Now I have lived in the area all my life and never heard of such a thing. Even my parents in Mobile are stating the same thing after being their home for 11 years. The company is also telling me that this should have been done at year 6 and they apologized for not mentioning it.. I think I am being scanned so what advice or action would you advise me to pursue?I believe in a termite bond and want to keep one in force but this is ridiculous... Thank you ... Mike (in Pensacola)


Sorry to take forever to get back to you. Am out of town and have been without internet for almost two weeks.

OK Mike, here's the deal. The majority of the materials used to pre-treat a slab only have an effective life of about 5 years. After that there is no protection left. So your company is not trying to scam you.

If possible, ask your company to treat your home with Termidor this time. Termidor is much longer lasting that typical termiticides. I've had results showing it is effective even after 10 years. If they'll treat with that, then you won't need to re-treat for at least 10 years. \

It is typically a bit more expensive to use, but it's definitely worth it.

Hope this helps, and again - sorry it's so late,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: No problem on the response time as I appreciate the information. The slab was treated with Termidor when the home was built. The charge my current vendor wants for this re-treatment is $1000.00. I can get a whole new termite bond for $500.00 from another vender. That is the scam part to me. I just never heard of a re-treatment at that rate. I only allow for the Termidor product to be used. Thanks again..

Hey Mike,

Yeah, I see what you mean, if they used Termidor as a pre-treat, then I'm not sure why they want to re-treat your home after only 5 years. That seems excessive to me, but there may be some reason... Did they offer you an explanation for why they want to retreat your home after 5 years?

The only potential justification I can think of is that maybe your current vendor offers a 'repair warranty', and the competing vendor only offers a 'retreat warranty'. There is a greater financial risk for the company with a 'repair' vs. 'retreat' type bond. But even with that, I personally feel a Termidor re-treat after only 5 years is unnecessary.

Hope this helps, and good luck to you Mike,


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