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1. In attic construction today, do construction materials repel
and/or kill termites?   
2. When termites are feeding, can this activity normally be
heard by humans?
3. In S. Fla. I have a vented attic with fiberglass blown-in insulation.
I see no signs of termites or damage to wood.   What further
should I look for to determine if termites are at home in my
4. If termites are in attic, and children live in the house,
what remedy against termites is recommended?
5. I am told that common ants are natural enemies of termites.
Is this information being applied to eliminate termites
(and afterwards, ant-bait to eliminate the ants)?
       Thanks very much for your anticipated reply!


Please limit your question to a single topic, many Experts here will reject multi-topic questions.

(1) Some insulation contains borate (see which is both a fire-retardant and insecticide.

(2) Termites don't make sound when they feed, carpenter ants can be heard when they excavate their galleries.

(3) See and follow the links to other articles.

(4) Termites are generally treated outdoors around the foundation and with special baits.

(5) Ants don't generally prey on termites. There are certain species (mostly tropical) that raid and destroy termite colonies but most common ant species don't do this.

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