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Mr. DeAngelis,

Recently, on two separate occasions we have found hundreds of dead and a couple of live termites in our bathtub.  Most of them had lost their wings.  We have found no entrance ways other than the faucet.  Where are they coming from and what do we need to do?

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When you find large numbers of winged termites indoors it is probably an indication of an infestation in the walls. In your area these could be either the native subterranean termites or Formosan termites which are more damaging or even drywood termites if you live near the SC coast (see the map on The first step is to get an accurate id through your county Extension office ( Then the home may need to be treated but the treatment will depend on which termite is present, see for background info about termites. When you get an id I'd be glad to discuss control options at that time.

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