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We had ants in the kitchen here and there, so an exterminator came to our house (which we bought in November) and sprayed inside and outside. Seemed to take care of the problem. 10 days later, we opened a basement elevated crawl space (meaning waist high from the floor, about ground level to the outside) for storage (which wasn't sprayed) to retrieve problem.  Now, 4 days after that during a big rain, ( 2 weeks after the spraying), we open up the crawl space, and behold...a hundred dead ants! We clean them out, and still a few live ones coming on their last gasps. Lots of cracks in the floor of this space...but where did these come from?  Did the rain drive them in or did they migrate as a dying bunch to this little room?
What should we do now?  Any help is appreciated!



My guess is these originated from inside the house. The spraying seemed to be somewhat effective but this is not the best way to control ants that nest in homes. Baits work far better than sprays and the two methods can not be used together. There are home-made and commercial baits - home-made baits work fine for small infestations but large stubborn infestations need commercial baits, see for ways to use commercial ant baits in homes. If ants continue to be a problem after this consider deploying a commercial bait.

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