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Hello. My roommates and I (I am man in my thirties and roommates are a man in his sixties who has had a stroke before and a man in his thirties) have been having problems with termites flying around our apartment so thick you can't open your mouth without getting them in it and when we turn the window unit A/Cs on at 60 degrees they go almost completely away but runs up the electric bill. These termites also bite. We told our landlord and he said seal them in the wall with caulk but I did some online research and it said you can get rid of them with a mix of propylene glycol and boric acid. I was wondering if this would be dangerous to the older gentleman or my pet cat who is presently nursing 4 kittens. Will you please let me know so I can get right on it if it is safe? Thank you for your time and I will be hoping to hear back from you soon.

Hi Thomas,
Sorry for delay, we had a family medical emergency and as you can expect our life has been a bit rough the last couple weeks.

I would not suggest using the method you found online. Certainly if all the landlord wants to do is take the out of sight out of mind approach and isn't worried about the structural integrity of the home that is his choice. I would then just seal it up so they won't be bothering you and your roommates. There are different species of termites and they are all dealt with in a unique way specific to each species. None of which would alter your living space. The home remedy you spoke of would create a hazard for anyone healthy or otherwise. Besides it would have little to no effect on the termites.

Rene' Kesecker
Good Earth Pest Company
Corvallis Oregon

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