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Recently my mom has been finding multiple holes in her clothing, she has a front loading washer which is probably 1-2 years old. I have never seen hole like these. The holes are very clean and perfectly round they vary in size. The largest hole being 1/8 of an inch and progressively get smaller, but there are at least 10 or more holes all in close proximity. What would cause these holes? Thank You For your time.


Clothes moths are the "usual suspects" in insect-made holes in clothing. However, holes made by these moths (see are usually not perfectly round. Also, you did not say what the fabric is such as wool, cotton or synthetic. Insects only damage fabric made from natural fibers of animal origin like wool or silk. If the material is synthetic then the holes were not made by insects. A perfectly round hole in something other than wool or silk may have been caused by a caustic chemical like an acid that was splashed on the cloth.

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