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Brown bugs
Brown bugs  
QUESTION: Everytime I go outside and sit for a bit I come in and there are these brown bugs crawling on my skin and clothing. They don't bite or haven't yet. I live in Kentucky and can not figure out what they are.

ANSWER: Ashley,

I can't see any detail in the image but from your description they might be clover mites. See for a close up picture. These mites are harmless but see the page cited above for more info. If you can get a clearer image I'd be glad to take another look.

Jack DeAngelis

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Ok I think they are bird mites! I found a nest on my front door behind my wreath and they were everywhere! What do I do now?

If the nest is not occupied you can remove it and this should take care of the problem, see for a picture of these mites and control info. Also, collect a few of the mites (use a damp cotton swab) into alcohol for id. Contact your local Extension office ( and they should be able to get the sample identified.

Jack DeAngelis

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