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I live in central Arkansas, and as of just recently (last night) I've been seeing tiny, grey insets crawl across my laptop computer screen. They're easy to see because the screen is so bright; they are very small (could stand on an "o" without much overlap) but I can't really see their legs. They don't jump- they walk quickly. They are more round than oval. Later last night, I started to find them on me, and boy was that alarming! They don't seem to bite to the point of real irritation or welts, but I can feel them, and when I do I naturally freak out. Again, I can't tell if they are biting or if I'm just hypersensitive now that I'm on guard. I've gone research trying and TRYING to find out what these little bugs are but to no avail. Please help!


These could be mold mites, also called grain mites. These mites feed on mold and as such are often associated with dampness that causes mold growth. See for a drawing and more info about these mites. These mites do not bite but some people experience an allergic reaction, similar to dust mite allergy, when these mites are present. The best way to get rid of them is to eliminate the source of moisture and mold.

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