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I have sugar ants in my family room.  I have 3 kids and a dog, but we are very clean.  No one eats outside of the kitchen.  We have not located the ant hill or source of the ants.  It seems like they are more numerous after a rain.  I have laid dry bug killer around my foundation and also sprayed ant killer around the foundation. I vacuum inside 2-3x daily and follow that up by spraying the carpet with soapy water.  I have also sprayed the baseboard in the family room.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


Ants that invade houses often nest in the walls and ceiling rather than outside in the soil. The insecticide barriers placed outside won't do any good in this case. The best way to eliminate these colonies is with baits placed inside. Small infestations can usually be eliminated with simple borate baits such as Terro while larger infestations require commercial baits. See for a discussion of your options.

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