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QUESTION: I left some clothes on my floor for 2 weeks and when I went to put them away there were brown 2 cm worm type bugs with lighter brown stripes.  they were all over  probably 30-40 of them all throught my room , and I found one that shed skin,  quite large. I even had 2 on my bed ! we cleaned out the room with bug spray and cleaner every corner and washed all the clothing . When I woke up this morning I had 2 on my pillow, im worried that these bugs may be harmful my house is clean were not a overly messy family . HELP !

ANSWER: Shelby,

Can you post an image? Also, please include something in the image that indicates size if possible.

Jack DeAngelis

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the Bug/
the Bug/  
QUESTION: note: I also find them in the bath tub at times.

I can't see a lot of detail but I think this is the larva of one of the dermestid beetles, possibly the larder beetle. These beetles infest stored food like dry pet food. Check the area around where you find these for sources of stored food/beetle. Once found you can usually eliminate the infestation by cleaning and a light application of botanical insecticide (see for a related species). They are not otherwise harmful.

Jack DeAngelis

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