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along the baseboard of a outside we find debries somewhat like sawdust but more grainy i  vacuum it up it appers again sometime in 5 to 7 hrs or by the next day. have seen no indication of ants of anyank you kind.   thank you


Dear Tom,

Without seeing the material itself, I'm inclined to believe it is either drywood termites or carpenter ants.

If it's drywood termites, you'd never see the critters 'cause they stay inside the wall. If it's carpenter ants, they are most active at night and it may be that you just aren't looking for them when they're out and about.

In either case Tom, I'd have some professionals take a look for you. Save some of the sawdust-like material for them. They'll know right away what the problem is, and will offer their solutions.

As a rule of thumb, you should have AT LEAST three different companies come out to look at the situation. And let them know they are competing with other companies (but don't tell them which ones you've called). You should get their best offer that way.

Pick the one you feel is the most honest, and if you want, write back and tell me what they said, and I'll give you my opinion of their offer.

Hope this helps,


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