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A small family of skunks has moved under my backyard shed.  We have seen a Mom and 3 young skunks.  Not sure if there are more.

Can you provide advice on removing them?  I was thinking of stuffing amonia rags and mothballs underneath.  However, I believe there is only one entrance, so I am concerned if I place them close to the entrance, they might be trapped inside.  Thanks for your help!

Skunks under decks/porches

1. Learn the wildlife control laws in your state by contacting state wildlife officials. Links to their sites can be found here
2. If trapping is legal, then use 7x7x24 or larger cage traps. Cover all traps at least 50 % with a cloth or cardboard or something so the trapped skunks canít see you.
3. Follow instructions in our NebGuide on skunk control  
If you make a mistake or the skunks are quite jumpy, follow the instructions on deodorizing at

Always wear protective gloves.
Use more than one cage trap. Check all traps daily, preferably in the morning. Donít set it if you canít check it. Every day means literally every day, including weekends, holidays, etc.

Dispose of the skunk according to state regulations. Remember, translocation makes people feel good but may be illegal as well as you may be transporting diseases into new areas to infect new animals. explains in more detail.

Euthanasia info can be found
We are always looking for images (if you can safely take them) of wildlife damage to help us in our educational mission. We prefer high resolution, (3 mg or higher). Send to  

How do you know when you are done?
Follow the principles of the paper test.

Once you are certain the skunks are gone. Then secure the deck so it doesnít happen again.

Please include permission to use the images and where and when the photos were taken. Month/year is fine as is county or city and state.

Disclaimer: As with any activity, remember that animal damage control comes with its own risks and problems which can include but are not limited to legalities, health threats, and personal liabilities. Be sure to follow all state laws governing wildlife and make sure you have a thorough understanding on how to resolve the animal damage complaint. My advice is only as good as your understanding of me and my understanding of your situation. If you have any questions be sure to write back.

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