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Our local cooperative extension service has identified our bugs as bird mites. Found them on my at work over a month ago. Have had three exterminators out to the house and my husband and myself have sprayed and fogged as well atleast three times. I am still finding them everywhere. House, laundry room (in garage where dog lives), in car and now at work...geez I can't even find a safe place to be right now. I feel like I'm losing my mind but I have showed these creatures to others and so I know I am not making it I've read about on many of the sites online. What is the most effective treatment in the home, car etc?  Can dogs be carriers, will these mites live off our dog?  Will I ever get rid of them?  Does a regular dryer in high heat for atleast 30 min kill the mites?  
Help please. I've even dealing with them now for almost 2 months. I also have a three year old so I have to be careful in my sprays. Does boric acid work and is it safe?

Hey Kelli!

I am so sorry for your troubles!
I know there is a easy do it yourself fix for this. Since you have already ID'd the problem pest. We need to treat it accurately and safely for your family!

I would go with Bedlam Insecticide, and Steri-Fab.
I would also use mattress safe covers. This will prevent any future problems with hatching generations as you treat them!

This is all you will need to rid yourself of this issue!

My thanks,


Please follow up with me for more direction if you need to!

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