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QUESTION: I found little brown cinapede like bugs in my dry food. Rice, pancake mix, posta ect. What are they? How can I get rid of them? T threw out all the food that had them in it wiped everything down. Also I found a lot of skin I would say looked like they shedded like snakes. Very grose. PLEASE HELP

ANSWER: Hey Stephanie!

Okay so assuming that this is a centipede, I will break down some facts and control tips.

They are quick, one pair of legs per body segment, and are prone to bite you. There are multiple colors of centipedes. The good thing is it really does not matter what kind it is because all are treated the same way!

I would treat this yourself with products that are safe to use and effective. I think by cleaning the area you did the right thing. I then would extend your protection by getting glue traps and spraying the outside and inside of the home. This will cover you completely and help you sleep at night!

I would use Trapper LTD Mouse/Insect Glue Boards, and Suspend SC insecticide spray.

Centipede Control

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QUESTION: They wernt actually centipedes. Thats just that they reminded me of, the wer broun in color and very small.

Silver fish
Silver fish  
Ear wig
Ear wig  
ANSWER: Okay so I am going to send you pictures of potential candidates. If you have a photo please send one!! Also look up the house centipede and tell me what you think?

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QUESTION: This is what they looked like! I threw out everything so I can't take a pic

Carpet Beetles
Carpet Beetles  
I am almost positive these are Carpet Beetle's, more specifically the larvae!
The great thing is they are treated the same way!

I would use Trapper LTD Mouse/Insect Glue Boards, and Suspend SC insecticide spray.
Carpet Beetle Control

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