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i will be buying glue boards for insect control.

1a)       what is the most favorite food (that i can place on top of the glue boards , which will have the best chance to wildly attract silverfish or firebrats)   that silverfish & firebrats love?          could you give me a list of the top 4 to 6 foods that they love the most?        i'd appreciate if you'd list  food that they love the absolute most, & then the 2nd most favorite food, etc....         

1b)      what are the top 2 or 3 foods that silverfish & firebrats are attracted to the most by smell?

2       lots of silverfish or firebrats have drowned in the kitchen sink that i filled  1/2 way with water.      can those insects be enticed to drink water that is mixed with a natural but toxic substance like boric acid?

3) if "yes" to question #2,      can you please tell me specific recipe(s) for me to make an enticing drinking solution (a natural solution - with no chemicals) that will kill the silverfish or firebrats?         such as: 1 teaspoon of boric acid plus 3 teaspoons of cane sugar plus 5 tablespoons of uncooked oatmeal plus 1 cup of water plus ????    i'm just guessing here - it's just an example...

4)    if you have other advice concerning natural ways to get rid of these pests & which are extremely effective,  if u have time to do so,   i'd appreciate your input.

i thank you kindly for your reply.
sincerely,       ben

Hello Ben!

Silver fish like to eat starchy foods, cereals, moist wheat flour, glue on book bindings and wallpaper, starch in clothing made of cotton or rayon fabric; outdoor individuals eat lichens

They are also super attracted to Green Dragon Roach Kill.

I would avoid drowning them and making homemade products. The results are always varied when I attempted to do so. My time was best used when I used baits and glue boards. I also to be on the safe side sprayed around the perimeter, and put natural lemon grass sprays inside.

This below link is a link to more control tips, and natural removal also.

How to get rid of silverfish:

<a href"">Silverfish Control</a>

Hope this helps!

My thanks,
The Bug Guy

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