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Mini Roach
Mini Roach  
QUESTION: Last summer and again this year I started finding this little bugs that look like tiny roaches (please see attached image). I would appreciate if someone can shed some light as to what this are, where do they normally live and how to eradicate them.

They appear at night, commonly in the bathroom, living room and kitchen area (very rarely in the bedrooms). They seem to disappear in the cold months (here in Florida that is only November to March)

Is very common while watching a movie in the living room (and embarrassing when other people is present) to start seeing a couple of this bugs walking on the walls, floors or even the ceiling.

Although I can find many of them each night they don't seem to move in "couples" or groups, I just find one here on the floor, another one over there in the wall (what I mean is that they don't seem to bunch together, is like they are exploring all over the place)   

If at night I spray "Raid Ant and Roach Killer" in the drain and around the perimeter of the bathroom tub, in the morning I would find 5 to 10 of this little dead bugs.

I live in Central Florida, in a remodeled cinder block house built in 1954, it has a crawl space (dirt), and an attic with very old and compacted insulation. About 2 years ago when I moved in, there were rodents in the attic (squirrels and rats) but they were taken care of (removed and entry holes fixed).

My theory is that this bugs live in the attic and they come down at night trough the ac vents (there may be some ducts damaged by the rodents before they were removed)

I would really appreciate if someone can tell me what this are and how to get rid of them.


ANSWER: Hi Chris, Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach, also known as wood roaches, are common outdoordwelling insects native to North America. Wood roaches are very similar in appearance to the common household cockroach called the American roach; flat, oval body, long antennae, spiny legs, chestnut brown color. However, wood roaches are slightly smaller, about 3/4 to 1 1/4 inch long, and the adults, especially the males, appear tan because of the color of their wings. Adults and large nymphs of the wood roach can be recognized by a pale, creamy white or transparent stripe on the outer edge on the thorax. The pale edge extends onto the first 1/3 of the front wings of the adults. Positive identification of small nymphs is more difficult and usually requires microscopic examination.

Wood roaches that have wandered into the house usually behave differently than the household roaches. Wood roaches are not secretive; they are active both during the day and at night and they are less likely to scamper out of sight when approached. Also, they will wander about the house without congregating in any particular location.

Wood roaches do not thrive and reproduce in homes because they require the consistently moist environment of their natural habitats such as under wood piles or loose bark and in decaying logs. Indoors, their presence is strictly a temporary annoyance. They do not harm the house structure, furnishings or occupants. Look at crawlspace area and make sure it has plenty of ventilation.

The sprays and dusts used with success against household cockroach species are of very limited benefit against wood roaches. Exclusion techniques that prevent wood roach entry should be considered. Doors and windows should be tightfitting and cracks, gaps and other possible entry points should be sealed.  The males are attracted to lights at night and limiting porch light use in late May through June when males are flying might be of some benefit.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I really appreciate you took the time to respond to my question.

It may be that this are just "babies" but unlike the wood roaches this unwanted guests don't seem to fly, and the one on the picture shows its size (around 1/4 inch, I don't recall seeing one bigger than that one but may have seen some smaller ones)

Comparing the actual picture I attached to other pictures I found online they resemble brown banded roaches but unlike those this have only one whitish band so I rule them out, also, I couldn't find any picture of a Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach that look like the picture I took. But this is just my observation.

Can it be something else?


Hi Chris, Check Florida wood cockroach,It is of the roach family i suggest an inspection by a licensed pest control operator to help you further. Pictures and size can be very confusing when looking or comparing bugs online for identification. There is great amount of information online but can become confusing when trying to ID bugs. You can also contact your county extension office by collecting a sample of bugs.

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