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A few years ago (more than two but less than five), my parents had a majority of the stuff in our basement moved to a storage place while the basement was cleaned and parts of it were repaired after the basement flooded because our sump pump stopped working. While we were loading the stuff up into the truck to bring it back, we noticed mouse droppings and bags that contained grass seed opened and filled with droppings. We threw out anything that we could throw out that had droppings and inspected the rest.
Now we are cleaning the basement again because we are moving and are find a LOT of mouse droppings but little other evidence that they are here. A couple of the wood beams in the wall (the basement is unfinished) are chewed on a little, there's one spot in the insulation that has a mouse hole and mouse droppings,a few decorative grass things are destroyed and made into a nest (empty except for droppings), the dog barks at a wall (but there are ceramic figures on that wall too), and the cat showed great interest in a separate wall (but there was plenty of exploring to do in that section). What has us scratching our heads is the fact that bags of bird seed kept in the basement are untouched along with the pillows, stuffed animals, blankets, and lengths of fabric. The main floor shows nothing at all; the food in the pantry is untouched and there are no halls in the walls.
What is going on? Do we have mice or not? Surely after so much time there would be more damage and we would have come across a corpse or something by now.

Hey Megan!

There is a great indication that your do have Mice or Rats, yes rats. They are only active in the night so it would be hard to find them during the day but evidence of the droppings and nests are enough. There are two types of rats, one being the roof rat and likes to nest in attics and wall spaces, and resembles mice! Until you have trapped one you wont know. Rats are about water bottom sized or slightly smaller. The mice can range from 2-5 inches in size.

I would get a bait station large enough for either rats or mice! It is called the Protecta LP. This bait station is great so that your pets will be safe, durable, and tamper proof coming with a key! You could also get glue traps but I wouldn't want your pets to tamper with it.
If it is mice you can go with the victor metal traps that can keep your pets out and also hold a glue trap.

Either station is cheap and effective. It also lasts for a long time!

I would cover both with the larger of the two which is the Protecta LP both are the same price.

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