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We have a house in San Diego maybe 5 miles from the Pacific. We've always seen quite a few spiders inside the house which was no big deal, but in the last year, quite a few silverfish too.

My mom is something of a packrat when it comes to saving old newspaper and I think the infestation started in her room. We've thrown out almost all of the loose paper but now we've seen silverfish in other areas of the house.

Apparently the spiders are not helping catch any silverfish, are they actually making things worse somehow? Any suggestions on controlling the silverfish? We have an indoor cat by the way.



Silverfish are very common especially in damp climates. While they can damage paper it does not promote infestation. See for general information about these insects. Make sure you have identified any new sources of moisture first. Insecticide treatment is usually not necessary but see the page cited above for suggestions.

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