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I am hoping you help identify some bugs I discovered on my screen door this morning. I have never seen them before and they are only on the inside of my screen. They are about the length of an ant but very thin. They seem to be shaped like a figure 8 or the infinity symbol, belly, thin waist, belly. There are about 20 of them and they seem to be just sitting there. They do not have wings. At first glance I thought they were snags in the screen until I looked closer. I am really curious about what they are. Hope you can help and if at all possible can include a picture in your reply so I can compare it.  Thank you.

Hey Jennifer!

Sorry for the delay! There must have been technical issues.
But with a picture I can not narrow down this critter to one species.

My best guess is to say they are springtails, the larvae of a insect in transition, and quiet possibly a strange species of ant.

I would speculate to say it is a springtail though they are slow and try to enter homes this time of year.

If this image looks like your bug reply to confirm or send in a image so I can make sure I get it right! Also reply from more prevention based tips, so feel free to ask.

Once again sorry for the delay!

My thanks,
The Bug guy

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