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Over the last two weeks we found and disposed of three wasps in our house.  I checked the attic for signs of entry and found none.  Then I checked the outside perimeter and observed wasps going in and out of a small (about .75 in.) hole where my roof shingles meet the rain gutter.  My roof shingles are a steel product.  How would you suggest I go about remedying this situation?

Hey Randy!

Wasp are a nasty pest to have in the home. They can sting as many times as they want, sting for no reason, and are potentially very dangerous.

These guys can come alone or from a colony. Good thing is that yes, this is treatable. IF it is possible to plug or cover holes into your home that would be key!

There are safe effective products to prevent and treat current and future problems with wasps and other flying "ornamental insects".

I would check for holes and cover them. Then I would make sure the weather is going to be clear and I would apply a spray like Tempo SC indoors in all the cracks and outline every room. Then spray the perimeter of your home. Then I would use a dust in the attic and in outlets to prevent them getting in the walls if they have not already.

I would do this yourself! This is super easy and cost friendly. All products made nowadays are all safe for doing it yourself. The professional pest control companies are really expensive and you pay for the product and labor in the cost. If you need help locating products like these I can inform you more.

Make sure to let these sprays dry after they are completely safe and pet friendly.

Hope this helps!!!

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