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QUESTION: How should I get rid of a wasp nest in my basement above the drop ceiling?  Should I call the experts or go for a Home Depot remedy?

ANSWER: Hey Tyrone!

I would just do this yourself! I would go with a Wasp Freeze Aerosol. The experts will over charge you and this is something you can save money on. Experts will charge you for the labor mainly. So save your money and knock them out on your own! Good luck! Remember Wasps are aggressive capable of stinging an infinite amount of times. They are dangerous to leave around and in the home.

I hope this helps!

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Wasp Nest
Wasp Nest  
QUESTION: Ok, a sealed up the hole that the wasp were using to access the area just inside the outer wall and above the drop ceiling of my home office. They have constructed a rather large nest (see attachment). The seal-up was done during the daytime hours. I'm told that most of them would be out of the nest.  I don't know how true that is.   Fortunately, up until now I have not seen any of them in the living space proper. I hope that doesn't change.
Should I spray freeze the nest now or do nothing until winter when they will probably abandon the nest and or die off?

Hey Tyrone,

They may still find a way inside, so just to be safe I would spray the area with an insecticide to prevent them from entering again.
I think that was a awesome and clever idea to seal the entry for the wasps!
I would now remove the nest so they don't have a hive or nest to return too.

I would hold off on the freeze spray it is only used on the wasps themselves. Wasp-freeze has a instant knockdown of wasps and hornets. Knockdown is super quick so no stinging pheromone is released, thus reducing the possibility of stings. Specially formulated to provide instant knockdown of wasps and hornets. spray can travel 15 ft.

So if you had to combat them again this spray would protect you.
I would clean the nest out if they are gone.

This is a link to a insecticide and anything else you may need!

Hope this helps!

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