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I recently started finding these pests in my house the firstt one I saw was on the outside of my bedroom window but then I started 2 see them on the walls and ceiling inside my house they are easy to kill make a crack noise when squashed look like the have 6 legs and 2 pincers I need to know what they are and how to get rid of them before my baby comes got a few weeks left in pregnancy and also 2 other kids in the house I live in Scotland

Hey Kirsty!

This appears to be a weevil!

How does it get in?
This beetle is not a typical house pest. They are commonly found on shrubs or trees. The like other insects they may accidently catch a ride on you and travel into the home, because most do not fly, but crawl from plant to plant or are transferred via people or animals.

What problems does it cause?

Often times you will be able to identify the weevil that is causing you problems based on where you find them. Getting rid of weevils is dependent on the identification of the species.
Many species respond well to beneficial nematodes and residual pesticides. However, these measures need to be applied at the proper time of year. Some species need control of adults, some of the larvae, and emergence and egg-laying times are crucial for treatment.

How To Get Rid Of Weevils?

Indoor weevils just need to be vacuumed or swept up. Essentially, the only way you can know how to get rid of weevils is if you identify your weevil species.

You can also get a general insecticide or wide species killing spray that is safe to spray indoors and outdoors. The spray is best for the inner and outer perimeter of the home.

Recommended products:


Cy-Kick aerosol sprays
You can use an aerosol spray to kill live adults

Insect growth regulator to inhibit juveniles to reproduce.
Nuvan ProStrips

Weevil Control

Hope this helps!!

My thanks,
"The Bug Guy"

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