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So, part of our household went to Missouri over the summer when we came back our house was over run by fleas. Now we have gotten it sort of under control but our methods of control are getting to where they aren't working... I think these fleas are part Borg from star trek... We started out using Adams flea spray on the and carpets and beds and chair and everything else... It did not work from the start, so I googled and found that we should make a alcohol and water mix for everything... It worked for a while but has stopped working even if we have 70% alcohol being sprayed on them... We've tried lemon juice and garlic every where and that didn't work...we tried dawn and water mix... Nope... We tried high yield and seven dust... Nope... I think we tried a couple other things but I can't remember what they were for sure and they didn't work... As I said the alcohol mix worked for a couple of weeks to keep them down but its not working anymore and our house is being infested and taken over again... We have a couple of dogs who stay inside, I have rats and 2 ferrets and they love me and my dad so I am wanting dearly something that will make them gooooo away... Please...


The best treatment for fleas is to first treat the host animals (your dogs in this case) then treat the living space or "nest" of the animal. You'll never get fleas under control until you treat the host animals. See for some general information about fleas. My suggestion would be to treat the dogs with Frontline Top Spot (see then treat where ever the dogs sleep with methoprene (see Thoroughly vacuum the house and dispose of the dustbag outside in the trash (it will have live fleas in it the can escape from the bag). This should get the fleas under control. Post a follow up if you have questions.

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